Buying Guide for Property

It is one of the strenuous tasks to find a suitable property. We have created a buying guide to make this process easy for you. Read this carefully before searching for properties on Claremont estates. 

Buying Guide 

It is stated that the most stressful stage in life can be buying a property. To help you in purchasing a suitable property, we’ve provided you with valuable guidelines.

Organizing finances 

Before searching for a property, the first thing to do is to arrange strong finances. In this process, you can either on a mortgage or make the availability of funds possible. This can help you out in the confirmation of your budget to set a filter for searching property according to your budget.

Register with Claremont Estates

Searching for the best for you is our responsibility, but to do this, the first stage is a registration and mentioning your interest. You can register your interest in so many ways; feel free to call us 0207 377 5600 or you're welcome to see us at the office where you can get expert advice from our agents that will be the best suiting to your needs. 

Go for online registration, where you can ask about a specified property. Preliminarily you need to get an idea of budget, a suitable place, and any essential need you want to add in the buying list.

You can get registered with us by clicking here.

Search for property

After getting done with registering with Claremont Estates, we can initiate the process of defining your search according to the understanding of requirements. 

Then we can offer you a wide variety of properties that match your needs. Our detailed and updated system ensures to keep you updated by email, phone, SMS, and if you request, we can provide you updates on Whatsapp as well, as soon as the availability of the latest products. 


We are aware that working people are not available 24/7; they need flexible visiting hours according to their working schedule. Visiting hours of our office are 9 AM to 6 PM from Monday till Friday and on Saturdays 10 AM to 2 PM. 

In Addition, keeping in mind your conveniences, to cater to the needs of buyers we can arrange a visit in a more flexible schedule. Upon visit, buyers are motivated to enquire about the property from our estate agents. 

The key to a successful viewing is a comfortable, welcoming environment and this is something Claremont estates have worked hard to achieve over the past 20 years.

Putting forward an offer

To understand the property market, you must get offered a choice of properties. As soon as you find the right property, we will put your offer forward to the vendor. This offer can be as specific as you wish,as we relay the any special requirements verbally and in writing to the vendor.

FYI: No legal obligations are in place on either side until the contracts are signed.

Instructing a solicitor

When buying a property in London, you cannot undermine the value of a serious and reliable solicitor. One can successfully acquire a suitable property mainly depending upon the guidelines and suggestions of a well-experienced solicitor. 

At Claremont Estates, you can be recommended with several options of well-reputed firms having an incredible amount of knowledge about the London Property Market.

Offer acceptance

When the offer is accepted, we initiate to ensure transition processes goes as smoothly as possible. The process gets triggered by a written agreement, a letter of sales, and a confirmation letter of agreed prices to parties. 

We will then ask you to instruct solicitors and confirm for mortgage broker (if it is applicable)., you can instruct your solicitor to move forward with the conveyancing, instruct your mortgage broker (if used) to go further with the purchase application.

Conveyancing and Searches

  1. Carefully understand the draft of the contract provided to you by the seller's solicitor, and if you have any insecurity, you can raise your question.

  2. Agree on a date of exchange.

  3. Inquire about local searches.


We at Claremont Estates will assis your solicitor and negotiate throughout the process, keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Survey and mortgage offer

It is vital that a survey is conducted before the exchange of contracts. This needs to be completed on behalf of the buyer’s mortgage lender to explore any potential structural issues and confirm the value of the property. Completion of this survey will enable a formal mortgage offer to be put forward and signed off. It must be stressed that there are no contractual obligations until contracts have been signed by both parties.

Exchange of contracts

When there is no insecurity, and both the parties agree, the contract is switched between them. When both the parties sign the contract, then the budget (usually 10% of the price of buying) is deposited either online or as paid bank draft, which is transferred from your solicitor to your vendor's solicitor.

Then both parties mutually find a date for the completion of the agreement.

Final Step

The process is finally completed officially upon transferring the remaining amount (usually 90%) from the buyers solicitor to the vendor's solicitors.

Congratulations! On being the owner of your own dream home.