Renting your home? Give your property a chance to achieve the maximum rent. Do the basics and let your property stand out. A few pointers are listed below, first impressions count, so no harm in presenting your property to its full potential. 

A clean house is a must. Removing any dust and clutter as well as any odours like smoking and pets from your furniture will help bring out the sparkle in your property.

Got some minor maintenance work to do? Got the correct tools!! Then why not do it yourself. Have your property looking sharp in no time.
Giving the walls a fresh coat of paint in addition to adding a few finishing touches before putting it on the market could make a big difference. There is no harm in helping your property look its very best. 

It is best to present your property in a neutral manner. White or magnolia walls appeals to the majority and is the cheapest to do. Laminated floors and neutral decor will last for years and will be timeless too. Follow the successful approach, avoid getting attached to the property and spending thousands of pound unnecessarily, your taste may not be what others like. Keep it simple and get the best results. 
If you already have furniture in the property, then it makes sense to leave it there. The majority of tenants are looking for furnished apartments, so you will have a better chance of renting your property. If your property is presently unfurnished, leave it that way and be open to providing furnishings should the tenant request. This way you will capture a much larger audience of tenants and may save forking out for furniture.
Got any pets?  Consider giving them to a family member or a friend for the duration of the viewings.  Also avoid strong smells and odours from cooking before any viewing for a more welcoming approach.
With the correct authorisation why not ask your agent to have a board situated outside the property. This will step up the level of interest generated, helping give your property a confidence boost.
Trust your agents expert appraisal of your property. Agents have years of experience of dealing with property such as yours and are up to date with the market demands and trends. They will value your property at a figure that they feel is competitive and achievable in present market conditions. To get a free no obligation market appraisal of your property, click here.
Be realistic in what you expect to achieve and seriously consider offers. Tenants will always make offers and it is your duty to consider them and accept one which you feel is best for you. Remember the highest offer may not always be the best offer for you. Take into consideration any works that are required subject to the deal, any additional requests such as extra furniture, the moving in date and the quality of the tenant.

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